Irina Grigorova

Chief Assist. Prof., PhD

E-mail: grigorova_irina(at)abv(dot)bg


Bulgarian Foreign Policy, Economic Exchanges and Cultural Contacts in the context of the International Relations throughout the Cold War



2008 – PhD in History, Institute for Historical Studies, BAS, Doctoral Thesis: „Bulgarian-French relations during the presidency of General de Gaulle (1958 – 1969)”.

2003 – Master of History, Department of Contemporary History, Faculty of History, Sofia University „St. Kliment Ohridski”, Master thesis on „The Schuman Plan. The Foundation of the ECSC”.

2002 – Bachelor of History, Faculty of History, Sofia University „St. Kliment Ohridski”.

Positions held

2011 onward – Senior Assistant in the Institute for Historical Studies, BAS.

2009 – 2011 – Research Fellow in the Institute for Historical Studies, BAS.

Degree and academic rank

Senior Assist., PhD

Participation in joint projects

„Bulgaria: Economics and Policy during the Détente 1960s – 1970s”, scient. dir.: prof. Iliyana Marcheva


English, French, Russian



Bulgarian-French Relations during the Presidency of General de Gaulle (1958 – 1969). Sofia. Publishing house Albatros. 2009. 288 pp. ISBN: 978-954-751-096-8 [in Bulgarian].

Collective works

Autobiographie de Gr. S. Parlitchev (1830-1892). Istanbul. Ed. Isis (Les Cahiers du Bosphore), Irina Grigorova & Raia Zaimova (eds.). Introduction par Raymond Detrez. 2012. 84 p. ISBN 978-975-428-472-0


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  • Bulgarian-Chinese Scientific Conference „Bulgaria and China: Historical Parallels in the Attempts at Modernization from the End of World War II to the Beginning of the 21st Century”, Sofia, 1th November 2019
    with the topic:
    Cold War Chinese Policy of France.
  • International Conference “France, the USSR, and the End of the Cold War, 1975-1991”, organized by Universities Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne and Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III in partnership with the Gorbachev Foundation (Moscow) and the Institut François Mitterrand (Paris). Sorbonne, January 24-25th, 2014.
    with the topic:
    The Aftermath of the CSCE, France and the Pressure over East-European Countries for a Cultural „Ouverture”.
  • and in many (more than 15) other conferences.