Istoricheski Pregled (Historical Review)

ISSN 0323-9748 (Print), ISSN 2815-3391 (Online)

Historical Reference

Istoricheski Pregled (Historical Review) is published by the Institute for Historical Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. It is the oldest and most prestigious historical journal in Bulgaria. It has been published uninterruptedly since the beginning of 1945. Since 1953 it has been a scientific and theoretical organ of the then Institute for History at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Among the members of its editorial board were such prominent historians as academician V. Hadzhinikolov, academician K. Kosev, Prof. S. Damyanov, Prof. Z. Markova, Prof. Kr. Sharova, Prof. Iv. Bozhilov, Assoc. Prof. M. Petrov, Acad. Mito Isusov, Acad. G. Markov and others.

At present, the journal has an international editorial board whose members are leading Bulgarian and foreign specialists in the field of Bulgarian and world history. Its functions include not only the selection and evaluation of the materials, but also the elaboration of the publishing policy, the guidelines and the goals of the journal, in cooperation with the Bulgarian editorial board, which includes well-known Bulgarian historian scientists.

The journal publishes articles, communications, reviews and reports on issues of Bulgarian and world history. Thematic books distinguish Istoricheski Pregled from most other historical journals. Separate issues devoted to important historical events and anniversaries or to global historical processes and phenomena appeared in the 1990s. Such issues are for example n. 6 of 1996, dedicated to “1100 Years Hungary” (published with the assistance of the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Sofia); n. 1-2 of 2002, which highlights various issues from the big theme “Monarchy and Republic in History” (with the assistance of Soros Centre for the Arts – Sofia); n. 5-6 of 2004 is a jubilee edition for the 80th anniversary of the birth of Prof. Krumka Sharova; n. 5-6 of 2011 poses problems of the Byzantine studies in relation to their XXII Congress; n. 5-6 of 2012 marks the 100th anniversary of the Balkan wars; n. 3-4 of 2013 celebrates the 150th anniversary of the birth of academician Lyubomir Miletic; n. 2-3 of 2015 covers the vast subject of the Ottoman Empire, the Balkans and Central Europe in the 15th-19th centuries, etc.

Istoricheski Pregled contains a wide range of publications on topical and important issues: from theoretical and summarizing articles to specific research on lesser-studied topics. The journal regularly publishes reviews of new books in different languages, which indicates that Bulgarian scholars are familiar with and pay attention to the work of their colleagues from Bulgaria and abroad. Authors in the journal are distinguished Bulgarian and foreign scientists as well as young researchers from different units of scientific institutes and universities. Along with the use of traditional approaches and methodologies, a lot of researchers rely on new methods developed with a view to modern interpretations of traditionally researched topics. The editorial board seeks to select publications that meet the scientific criteria and the latest trends in historical science. Debatable materials and different opinions are allowed; as well as opportunities for answers to criticism.

With the diversity of the materials, with the correct attitude of the editors and authors towards the goals and tasks of Istoricheski Pregled, it becomes one of the most read Bulgarian historical journals both in Bulgaria and abroad. Designed not only for a specialized audience, it also finds a response among wide circles of the Bulgarian diaspora abroad, as it is traditionally one of the main means of preserving the Bulgarian historical heritage.

The editorial office regularly participates in history competitions and thus provides much of the means to print the journal. Subscriptions are another source of income, and in the last few years the journal has been successfully distributed through the electronic library network of CEEOL.

Until 1990, Istoricheski Pregled was published in 6 issues a year. After this period, it has been published into 3 double issues, due to financial difficulties. Since 2018 the journal has been published in 4 single issues per year. It is distributed through subscription and free sale, in paper and electronic form. There are hundreds of subscribers in Bulgaria and abroad, including the libraries of some of the world’s most prestigious research and university centres of historical science.

Editorial Board

prof. Iliyana Martcheva, PhD

Scientific Secretaries:
assoc. prof. Vladimir Zlatarski, PhD; assoc. prof. Georgi Georgiev, PhD.

prof. Simeon Evstatiev, PhD; assoc. prof. Svetlana Ivanova, PhD; assoc. prof. Rumyana Chukova, PhD; assoc. prof. Elena Kostova, PhD.

International Editorial Team

prof. Günter Prinzing (Germany); prof. Iskra Schwarcz, PhD (Austria); prof. Maria Todorova, PhD (USA); prof. Michail Stanchev, DSc (Ukraine); prof. Tatyana Volokitina, DSc (Russian Federation); prof. Dale F. Eickelman (USA); assoc. prof. Gábor Demeter, PhD (Hungary), prof. Frank-Lothar Kroll, PhD (Germany).

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