Contemporary History and Geopolitics

The section Contemporary History and Geopolitics is the newest unit in the Institute of Historical Studies which has been functioning since 2020. The motives for its formation are in harmony with the modern trend towards interdisciplinarity and expanding the research possibilities of classical historical knowledge. In that spirit, the subject of research interest covers a wide range of problems concerning the interrelationship between various aspects of modern history, international politics and security. The broad thematic spectrum allows the section to attract specialists who develop specific aspects of contemporary Bulgarian national, regional (Southeastern Europe), European and international problems, with an emphasis on applied geopolitics. The main research and publication work of the members of the section is combined with expert activity, engaged in analyses and comments on key domestic political and international events and processes.


assoc. prof. Rumyana Chukova, PhD (supervisor)
assoc. prof. Hristo Milkov, PhD
chief asst. prof. Voin Bozhinov, PhD
asst. prof. Veselina Uzunova, PhD