Medieval History

The section on Medieval History is one of the oldest scientific divisions at the Institute for Historical Studies. From the very beginning there have been established dedicated commissions in it in order to detect, translate and publish Latin, Greek and Turkish sources as an institutionalized continuation to then pre-existing Commission for collecting and publishing sources on Bulgarian history with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. In its current form the said division deals with problems of Bulgarian and General Medieval history and bibliographic heuristics (source study).

Prior to obtain its present form, the Section went through various stages and a reorganization process. As a core scientific division at the Institute for Historical Studies, still in 1950s it had engaged in dynamic international activities consisting of joint research projects with colleagues from other countries, visit exchange, participations in international congresses, conferences and sessions. That international cooperation continues even today. The section publishes the series of volumes „Гръцки извори за българската история“[Greek Sources on Bulgarian History] – 12 volumes came out up until now; „Латински извори за българската история“[Latin Sources on Bulgarian History] –5 volumes came out up until now and Byzantinobulgarica – consisting of 9 volumes to this day. From 2022 section head is Assoc. Prof. Elena Kostova, PhD.


assoc. prof. Elena Kostova, PhD (supervisor)
prof. Ivan Bilyarski, DSc
assoc. prof. Sashka Georgieva, PhD
assoc. prof. Penka Danova, PhD
chief asst. prof. Vladimir Angelov, PhD
Dorothea Valentinova, chief asst. prof. PhD
chief asst. prof. Denitsa Petrova, PhD
asst. prof. Francesco Dall’Aglio, PhD

Former members:

prof. Iliya Iliev, DSc
chief asst. prof. Kiril Nenov, PhD