Development and Recognition of Bulgarian Studies Abroad National Scientific Programme

October 30, 2023


Institute for Historical Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences announces short term specializations (from 1 to 3 months) for young foreign Bulgarian Studies researchers with the following criteria:

  1. Eligibility to apply for specialization under the Development and Recognition Bulgarian Studies Abroad National Scientific Programme: every young foreign Bulgarian Studies researcher (MA, PhD, postdoctoral researcher), who works on a Bulgarian studies problematic in the fields of history and auxiliary historical sciences.
  2. The length of the specialization at the Institute for Historical Studies is from 1 to 3 months.
  3. The institution selected for specialization, provides academic mentorship on a research topic, methodological assistance, consultations with other tutors and researchers.
    Suggested topics by the Institute for Historical Studies are as follows:
    3.1. Bulgarian History – Sources, Historiography, Memory and Uses of the Past
    3.2. History of the Bulgarian Communities Abroad
  4. Each candidate completes an application form and sends it along with attachments to email:, as well as to the stated in the application email with clearly designated file names: CV (CV – Europass format), motivation letter (up to 2 standard pages or 3600 characters), a reference from employer or academic mentor (if applicable, 1 page), documents with other information for achievements in the field of Bulgarian studies.
  5. The selected specialization candidate provides a specialization plan, which includes individual work, consultations, training courses (elective ones). As a result of the specialization, it is expected that a research paper will be prepared. At the end of the specialization period, the specialization candidate submits a report to his academic mentor.
  6. Monthly scholarship provided by the Institute for Historical Studies is 1000 levs (scholarship includes expenses for accommodation, copies of documents, etc.).
  7. The host institution offers help with the accommodation of the specialization candidate.
  8. Travel expenses are covered by the specialization candidate.
  9. The period of specialization is stated in the application form.
  10. The host institution makes a contact and communicates with the selected specialization candidate via the appointed person in the relevant correspondence
  11. Deadlines for application:

(Second call)

– 1st October2023: deadline for submission of applications
– 20th  October 2023:  public announcement of the approved candidates

The Executive Board of
Development and Recognition of Bulgarian Studies Abroad
National Scientific Programme

First call


Within the framework of the Development and Recognition of Bulgarian Studies Abroad National Scientific Programme, launched by the Ministry of Education and Science, the Institute of Arts Studies at BAS announces a competition to support foreign young researchers in the publication of their first monograph dedicated to Bulgarian studies problematic.   

I. Application requirements

  1. Eligible applicants: young scholars (e. researchers up to 10 years after their master’s graduation) and postdoctoral researchers (i.e. scholars, holding a PH.D, their doctoral degree should have been acquired in the past 5 years).
  2. Young researchers are eligible to apply with a monograph, which meets the following criteria:
    2.1. The main focus of their work is Bulgarian studies problematic.
    2.2. The work is going to be the young scholar’s first published monograph.
    2.3. Works published in a different language are also eligible, if the publication is made within the last three years before the date of the call.

The Development and Recognition of Bulgarian Studies Abroad National Scientific Programme finances the publication of the approved works by a Bulgarian academic publisher. In case of a need, additional financial support could be provided for the translation into Bulgarian and the specific editorial activities related to the Bulgarian publication, as well as short term stays of the young researcher in Bulgaria funded for the preparation and promotion of their published monographs.

II. Application procedure

Applicants should send the following documents via email:

  1. Application form (no template).
  2. Biographical note.
  3. The monograph in a PDF format.
  4. If the candidate’s work has not been defended as a doctoral thesis, two reviews by established scholars in the specific field should be included.
  5. If the work is written in another language, then the following documents in Bulgarian should be submitted:
    5.1. The contents page.
    5.2. A detailed annotation (up to 11000 characters including the intervals).
    5.3. In the case of 4., the translations of the two reviews in Bulgarian.
  6. At his discretion the candidate could add materials pertinent to the scientific topic of their work (published responses and reviews, recommendation by established scholars, etc.).



Within two months after the end of the call, the Commission for Development and Recognition of Bulgarian Studies Abroad National Scientific Program will publicly announce the results of the competition