List of new arrivals in the IHS library (in bulgarian):

April-June: books and periodicals; January-March: books and periodicals
October-December: books and periodicals; July-September: books and periodicals; April-June: books and periodicals; January-March: books and periodicals
January-June: books and periodicals
June-December: books; July: books and periodicals; June: books and periodicals

The library of the Institute for Historical Studies (IHS) was established in 1948 as integral part of the Academic Library network whose formation started in 1947.

Library materials are completed by the Central BAS Library according to each institute’s profile, as well as through donations and purchases in conformity with separate projects that the research associates develop in the Institute. As of the end of 2016 the library depository is containing 62.017 volumes as a whole, of whose 41.477 books and 20.221 volumes of periodicals in Bulgarian, Russian, English, French, German, Romanian, Serbian, Polish and other languages. Periodicals that duly arrive as of 2016 count 89 titles.

The library houses two special collections. The first one is dedicated to the Bulgarian National Awakening period and includes the library stock formerly belonged to then “Botev-Levski” institute. This stock is property of the Institute for Historical Studies since December 1977 and consists of 2200 book titles in 4000 single volumes. The periodicals consist of 155 titles in 309 single volumes. The second collection makes up the private library belonged to Academy´s corresponding member colonel Petâr Dârvingov and consist of 1300 single volumes.

The library has built catalogues – alphabetical, systematic, periodicals’ alphabetical, card indexes of the National Awaking Stock, card indexes of the Petâr Dârvingov Library, card indexes of incunabular editions. As of 2017 over 11.000 titles of monographs and periodicals that are kept in the HIS library collection can be looked for via the BAS Central Library´s Electronic catalogue and the Compehensive catalogue of the NALIS (National Academic Library and Information System), thereby it is possible to search at the same time and in one place into the integrated catalogues, digital collections, paid databases and in journals kept in the libraries which have established the NALIS Foundation, as well as in respective collections and catalogues of its associated members. By one single search one can learn in which library or libraries a given document is.

The reading room of the IHS library has 8 reading places available, reference resources consisting of 2469 single volumes – encyclopaedias, dictionaries and handbooks, periodicals.

Readership is served under General Rules and Conditions valid for the whole academic library network. External readers are entitled to use anything on place. The respective services are paid in the Accountancy of the Institute on a fixed tariff.

Chief Librarian: Desislava Ilieva
Methodologist-Librarian: Juliana Nikolova
landline +359 2  979 29 35, mobile +359 88 462 30 48
e-mail: library(at)ihist(dot)bas(dot)bg

Working hours: 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday except on Thursdays
(serving readers – from 10:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m.)