Modern Bulgarian History

Research activity of the Section on Modern Bulgarian History is directed towards an overall and thorough scrutiny of variegated historic processes during the period of the Third Bulgarian State and encompasses a large array of topics. Into the scope of its scientific interest fell parliamentarian and political system, state institutions, public life, economic and social evolution, foreign politics and diplomacy, cultural, ecclesiastical and military history.

As a pivotal research division this section exists from the very beginning of the Institute. Throughout past years it was headed up by Academy Fellow Christo Christov (1950–1954) Assoc. Prof. PhD. Y. Yotsov (1954–1971), Prof. DSc. Voin Bozhinov (1971–1981), Prof. DSc. Dobrin Michev (1981–1988); Prof. DSc. Dimitrina Petrova (1988–1993); Prof. DSc. Stoycho Grâncharov (1993–1995), Prof. DSc. Elena Statelova (1995–2008), Assoc. Prof. PhD Vasilka Tankova (2008–2014) and Prof. PhD. Rositsa Stoyanova (since 2014),

The oeuvre produced by section’s members Academy Fellow D. Kosev, Academy Fellow Chr. Christov, Academy Fellow G. Markov, Prof.DSc. V. Вozhinov, Prof.DSc. Tsv. Todorova, Prof. DSc. St. Grâncharov, Prof. DSc.vD. Petrova, Prof. DSc. R. Popov, Prof.DSc. E. Statelova, Prof. DSc. V. Nikolova, Assoc. Prof. PhD. V. Tankova and many others are among lasting scientific contributions in historiography.

Even today scholars of the Section on Modern Bulgarian History work proactively on several team and individual research projects, tackle with expertise and innovative spirit significant themes of Bulgarian history in the period going from the Liberation to the end of the Second World War. Scientific staff is engaged in teaching in several tertiary education schools in Bulgaria and abroad as well as in training doctoral and postdoctoral students. Section members carry out variegated expert activity as members of editorial boards of scientific journals and as dissertation reviewers. Thanks to their excellent professional competence they are invited as experts by plenty of national institutions and forums.


prof. Rositsa Stoyanova, PhD – supervisor
assoc. prof. Rumyana Parvanova, PhD – deputy supervisor
prof. Daniel Vatchkov, PhD
assoc. prof. Peter Stoyanovich, DSc
assoc. prof. Vladimir Zlatarski, PhD
assoc. prof. Rumyana Koneva, PhD
assoc. prof. Rositsa Lelyova, PhD
assoc. prof. Blagovest Njagulov, PhD
chief assist. prof. Aleka Strezova, PhD
assist. prof. Theodor Borisov, PhD
Divna Gotseva (secretary)

Former members:

prof. Dimitar Ludzhev, DSc