History of The World and The International Relations in Modern and Contemporary Times

The section History of the World and the International Relations in Modern and Contemporary Times was established as a scientific division of the Institute on History in 1981 initially under the name Section of Modern and Contemporary history. The primary goal was to satisfy an already matured necessity of deepening scientific research in the field of European and World history, as well as of presenting Bulgarian history in the framework of global processes and phenomena. This way the Institute on history broadened its activity perimeter and provided Bulgarian historiography with new objectives to reach.

The section members have been dealing with significant and topical problems on European, Asian and American history from today’s standpoint, as well as with international relations, interactions, mutual influences between East and West. Developments in recent years characterized by further intensification of globalization processes, increase in  close relationships between single countries and nations, imposed the research problems of the section as a high priority for Bulgarian history science. Common projects and each and every section member’s performance transformed the section into a genuine research hub dedicated to modern and contemporary history of Europe and the World as a whole that fruitfully collaborates with other scientific divisions of the Institute for Historical Studies, with other institutes with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, with universities and scientific institutions at home and abroad.

The section was successively headed by Konstantin Kosev, Vitka Tosheva, Luisa Revyakina, Plamen Tsvetkov, Tamara Stoilova, Rumyana Chukova and since 2016 – by Petya Dimitrova.


Petya Dimitrova, prof. PhD (supervisor)
Teodorichka Gotovska-Hentze, prof. PhD
Violina Atanasova
, assoc. prof. PhD
Hristo Milkov, assoc. prof. PhD
Detelina Dineva, chief asst. prof. PhD
Inna Manasieva, chief asst. prof. PhD
Simona Samuilova, chief asst. prof. PhD
Nadezhda Yankovska, chief asst. prof. PhD
Viktor Rogozenski, asst. prof. PhD
Katina Yoneva, specialist

Former members:

Tamara Stoilova, prof. DSc 
Maria Koleva, assoc. prof. PhD
Rumyana Chukova, assoc. prof. PhD
Rumyan Sechkov, chief asst. prof. PhD