Auxiliary Historical Sciences and Informatics

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The section of Auxiliary Historical Sciences and Informatics is successor of the established in 1973 sector Auxiliary Historical Disciplines by the Integrated Centre on History which – after a rearrangement within the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences – swallowed the discussion-and-research groups Historical bibliography and Scientific information and Sources on Bulgarian history. The sector’s scientific objectives were stipulated by a Decree of the BAS governing body (the Presidium) (protocol No 3, point 8 of 6th July 1973), namely: to commence organized and systematic investigations in those knowledge fields by treating methodological problems arisen from dealing with those source kinds which make up the object of several separate disciplines – bibliographic heuristics, palaeography, diplomatics, genealogy, chronology, metrology, epigraphics, archaeography, informatics, etc.

In the sector a series of volumes has been commenced to come out which are actually unique of its kind in Bulgaria – Auxiliary Historical Disciplines („Помощни исторически дисциплини“) (Volume I came out in 1979, and Volume V – in 1991) – this is one of the few Bulgarian periodicals indexed by the American Historical Abstracts. After nearly two decades the series was renewed in 2010 with volume VІ and continued coming out with varying frequency, the following volume ІХ being published in late 2015. Since 1995 Publications on Bulgarian history („Публикации по българска история“), was resumed; occasionally it was issuing BiblioBulgarica, as well as bibliographic bulletins with internet information on palaeography, genealogy and sphragistics. In last decade the section also constitutes a centre for publishing the journal „Genealogia/Родознание“, the official organ of the Bulgarian Genealogic Federation. The section Auxiliary Historical Sciences and Informatics follows the established tradition in holding scientific forums– regional, national or international ones, dedicated to theoretical and applied problems of any single historical science. Its staff is being gradually manned by promising prospective PhD-holders in the fields of bibliographic heuristics (study of sources), Ottoman-Turkish and Greek palaeography, historical metrology, historical demography etc. in Bulgaria (4) and in Germany (2). Section heads were Senior First-grade Research Associate DSc. Kâncho Georgiev (1973-1992 г.), Prof. DSc. Valeri Stoyanov (1992-2021) 


prof. Mancho Vekov, DSc (supervisor)
Penka Peykovska, prof. DSc
Yordanka Gesheva, prof. PhD
chief assist. prof. Chavdar Vetov, PhD
Konstantin Golev, chief assist. prof. PhD
chief asst. prof. Strahil Panayotov, PhD
Aleksandar Zlatanov, assist. prof. PhD
Greta Dimitrova
, archivist

Former members:

prof. Valeri Stoyanov, DSc
Mariana Malinova-Tien, assoc. prof. PhD
Tanya-Yoana Minkova, asst. prof. PhD